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Welcome to No1 REPTILES official page!
No1 Reptiles as a experienced breeder in reptile breeding society delivers the most exciting ball python morphs and unique perspective in future ball python designing.

We are small breeder producing approximately 100 of ball pythons a year. Our main goal is to put quality in front of quantity in our everyday care and breeding.
Our work is base on our passion to ball python morphs and we work only with morph line of genes which are, in our opinion, the highest quality lines.
We are mostly working with following morphs: Scaleless, Piebald, Candy, Black head, Ultramel and Ghost genes.

My passion for animals were developed in childhood. I got my first regius ten years ago and since then addiction for these snake is getting bigger and bigger. Given that I was a generation of Pokemon, very quickly desire were born to collect as much different morphs I can, and then I started to dream to open kennel. Preparations lasted several years, and in 2016 the kennel finally got openned in the repurposed garage. Apart from breeding snakes, we also grow rodents for their diet.

Ivan Borošak, CEO at "No1 REPTILES"

Ivan Borošak

CEO of No1 Reptiles, more then 10 years of experience in reptiles.

Nikola Matešić

COO of No1 Reptiles.

Anton Gabrek

COO of No1 Reptiles, working for this company since the beginning.