"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

What we do


The mating season for all of our snakes begins in November.
Given that, we feed snakes once a week and we do not have special preparation for the mating season.
During the whole year, we set hotspots at 32°C but during the mating season we lower the temperature (temperature at a colder part) for 2°C to stimulate the cycle of the formation of follicles.
We introduce males to females that weigh more than 1600g and that are older than 3 years. According to the experiences of other mating, it can be done with lighter and younger females, but we do not want to endanger our females. Getting eggs and creating new generations is nice but not as important as the health of parent snakes. With such cycles, females are starting to ejaculate eggs from May to July.



First of all, I would like to emphasize that the period from mating to the hatch of new snake is the most exciting part of our job.
All of our eggs are incubated in a common incubator at 31.6-31.7°C. At this temperature the snakes start to come out of the egg in about 54-56 days. Guided by experience, we do not cut the eggs unless the snakes don't emerges for 48 hours after the last snake has broken the egg.
When all the babies come out of the egg, we move them to a box of dimensions 39x28x14cm. After the first shade we separate each snake into their own box, whereby we determine the gender and the combination of the genes they carry.
Babies are in these boxes up to about 400g when we move them to larger boxes of dimensions 65x45x15cm.



As we are never saving on our snakes, we are saving on the things we need for cultivating to the point where it does not affect functionality.
So the old refrigerator was transformed into an incubator. It has a glass door and superb isolation so that we didn't have any trouble with the installation of fans, heaters and thermostats to turn it into a perfectly functional incubator.
As we have already mentioned, the eggs are incubated at 31.6-31.7C. Initially, eggs that were incubated at lower temperatures had a 80:20 ratio between females and males. Although this has never been scientifically proven (temperature should not affect the sex in incubation) we decided to raise the temperature in incubator and now we get a ratio close to 50:50. We can not claim that the temperature affects the gender of regius but in our case this ratio is certainly more satisfying.
At this temperature the snakes are hatched from the eggs in about 54-56 days.

The food for feeding our snakes we breed ourselves because we do not have enough good quality food to buy. Our rodents are fed exclusively with pelleted professional nutrition food for rodent and the nutrition results of such high-quality food are astonishing. Most of our females return weight they had before the egg cycle within 2-4 feeding with our rodents.